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San Francisco Bay Area Television Archive

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KPIX Editorial (Sutro Library) Please note: This... Video Alex Cherian 10/15/2011
KPIX Elections Computer KPIX Eyewitness News report... Video Alex Cherian 10/16/2011
KPIX Report on Moscone & Milk Please note: the sound quality on... Video Alex Cherian 10/16/2011
KPIX Retrospective: 1948-52 Excerpts from a KPIX 20th... Video Alex Cherian 02/15/2012
KQED 1993-2002, The Mary Bitterman "Aloha" Edition An unofficial "selected... Video Alex Cherian 08/18/2016
KQED Newsroom Highlights (12/31/68) Edited highlights from KQED's... Video Alex Cherian 08/03/2012
KQED's Open Studio Demonstration KPIX Eyewitness News report from... Video Alex Cherian 10/16/2011
KRON-TV Archival Film Trailer A short compilation of 16mm film... Video Alex Cherian 10/22/2014
KRON-TV Camera Crew at Laguna Seca Raceway (1957) KRON-TV news footage from c1957... Video Alex Cherian 09/02/2016
KRON-TV Studio Covers 1966 California Elections KRON-TV footage from November 9th... Video Alex Cherian 04/28/2016
KRON: News Highlights (1958) A compilation of 16 newsfilm reports... Video Alex Cherian 01/14/2014
KRON: Shell News Report (1957) Please note: there are occasional... Video Alex Cherian 09/25/2011
KTVU Studio Audition For Johnny Barnes Selvin KTVU News footage from August 17th... Video Alex Cherian 12/03/2016
Kathleen Cleaver & Calos Aponte at Mexican Consulate KTVU News footage from October 4th... Video Alex Cherian 06/12/2014
Kathleen Cleaver Press Conference in Los Angeles KPIX Eyewitness news report from... Video Alex Cherian 10/16/2011
Kathleen Cleaver press conference after husband's disappearance KRON-TV silent archival newsfilm... Video Alex Cherian 08/08/2012
Kathleen Cleaver speech at UC Berkeley/Seale on Thurgood Marshall Caution: this clip contains strong... Video Alex Cherian 08/08/2012
Ken Kesey & Mountain Girl on Arrest KRON News footage from the mid 1960s... Video Alex Cherian 01/23/2014
Ken Kesey interviewed on Further Bus KPIX Eyewitness News report from... Video Alex Cherian 03/05/2014
Ken Kesey speech at UC Berkeley KQED News report from U.C.... Video Alex Cherian 09/23/2011