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Title Type Added by Added on
SOC111 - Test new course This is a new course. Course Daniel A Koepke  
USP001 - Test Course This is a test course. Lorem ipsum... Course Daniel A Koepke  
SOC002 - Second Test Course This is a second test course. Course Daniel A Koepke  
FR123 - Test Test Course Daniel A Koepke  
SFSU123 - Blah Course Daniel A Koepke 11/30/2010
CCC111 - Something Course Daniel A Koepke 09/03/2009
ITEC745 - Instructional Web Authoring ITEC 745 is a web authoring course... Course Andrew Roderick  
ITEC845 - Advanced Web Authoring ITEC 845, Advanced Instructional Web... Course Andrew Roderick  
ITEC325 - Test Course This is a test. Matt and Susan made... Course Andrew Roderick  
SOC100 - Harvey Milk example course An example area using a letter from... Course Chris Bettinger  
SOC330 - Comparative Race and Ethnicity in the U.S.: Class, Gender, and Nation Site for Ethnic Studies/Sociology 330 Course Chris Bettinger  
SOC393 - Quantitative Analysis of Social Data This course teaches you about basic... Course Chris Bettinger  
USP420 - SF Planning Demo Demonstration course for SF Planning... Course Chris Bettinger 02/18/2009
SOC5 - Jasper example course This is an example class. Course Chris Bettinger  
SOC11 - The Social Justice work of San Francisco State graduates Brief profiles on the social justice... Course Chris Bettinger  
SOC1 - San Francisco State Strike of 1968 Teaching and other resource... Course Chris Bettinger  
SOC502 - Internship Sociology 501/502: Applied Sociology... Course Chris Bettinger  
SOC99 - African American Studies Volume: Introducing Ethnic Studies Series Support materials for the book... Course Chris Bettinger  
SOC392 - Introduction to Research Methods This course is a requirement for... Course Chris Bettinger  
SOC21 - SFSU and UNICEF Materials for various UNICEF... Course Chris Bettinger