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Title Type Added by Added on
COMM351 - 351 Course dawn Bean 07/20/2010
ACCT123 - My Course ha ha Course Clifford Tham 02/05/2009
ITEC101 - New Testing Course Test Course Wen 02/05/2009
HIST640.02 - Crisis and Creativity The Cultural History of Interwar... Course Benjamin Martin  
ANTH327 - Anthropology 327 Film and anthropology Course Peter Biella  
PLSI200 - American Politics This course provides a broad... Course Graeme Boushey  
GEO603 - Introduction to Geographic Information Systems This is a summary Course Barry Nickel  
ACCT123 - My Course Course Clifford Tham 02/05/2009
SOC330 - Comparative Race and Ethnicity in the U.S.: Class, Gender, and Nation Site for Ethnic Studies/Sociology 330 Course Chris Bettinger  
HIST642 - California in the Great Depression This course will address the... Course Diana Diva  
PLSI631 - Seminar on Research Methods This course is intended to introduce... Course Lori M. Weber  
SOCREPR - SSRIC - REPR: Representation in California's State Legislature This module offers you ways to learn... Course Susan B Cline  
GEO145 - My course test course Course George Ward  
PLSI300 - PLSI 300 Introduction to political science... Course Richard DeLeon  
HIST588 - History of Southeast Asia History of Southeast Asia Course Christopher Chekuri  
ECON100 - Economics 100 Macroeconomics Introduction to Macroeconomics Course Jim Klein  
HIST - Shaping San Francisco Talks Ongoing Public Talks held at... Course Chris Carlsson  
PSY - Human Sexuality Biological basis of human sexuality Course Chris Moffatt  
HIST450 - HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES, 1916-1945 History of the United from 1916 to... Course Susan B Cline  
PSY770 - PSY 770 Spring 2007 PSY 770 - Research methods - spring... Course Jeffrey Cookston