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SOC99 - African American Studies Volume: Introducing Ethnic Studies Series Support materials for the book... Course Chris Bettinger  
SOC5 - Jasper example course This is an example class. Course Chris Bettinger  
ITEC888 - Test Course Impus condimentum ligula. Proin non... Course Matt Albert  
BSS677 - Historical Editing for Social Justice Study the life of Emma Goldman,... Course Barry Pateman  
C J101 - Test Course for Sample Media This a test course for testing the... Course Mister CJ Hicks  
GEO621 - Magical Mystery Course The exploration and research of... Course Mister CJ Hicks  
HIST450 - HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES, 1916-1945 History of the United from 1916 to... Course Susan B Cline  
GEO150 - Cultura Geography Summry of the course. Course Susan B Cline  
SOCREPR - SSRIC - REPR: Representation in California's State Legislature This module offers you ways to learn... Course Susan B Cline  
ITEC299 - How 2 Lrn W Ur iPod Course Susan B Cline 02/07/2011
ITEC200 - Learn About DIVA This course is about learning the... Course Susan B Cline  
USP680 - USP 680 Senior Seminar Course Ayse Pamuk 08/21/2009
USP580 - Housing Policy and Planning -- Spring 2010 Electronic reserve readings are at:... Course Ayse Pamuk  
USP680 - Senior Seminar Course Ayse Pamuk  
USP580 - Housing Policy and Planning -- Spring 2011 Housing Policy and Planning Course Ayse Pamuk 02/02/2011
HIST661 - history 661 Introduction to SPSS Course Jules Tygiel  
ANTH327 - Anthropology 327 Film and anthropology Course Peter Biella  
SOC245 - Social Problems Spring 2013 Course Jessica Fields 02/25/2013
SOC394 - Field Methods Course Jessica Fields 08/22/2011
SOC245 - Social Problems Course Jessica Fields 08/22/2011