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ENG738 - Pragmatics and Teaching Oral Skills Resources Course David Olsher 02/14/2010
ENG653 - Pedagogical Grammar for TESOL Pedagogical grammar is a course for... Course David Olsher 02/16/2009
SFSU697 - LAC Tutor Training Course Course David Olsher 09/17/2012
SFSU101 - LAC Project LAC Tutor Training and Reflective... Course David Olsher 02/09/2010
ENG1 - Pragmatics Teaching Resources English as a Second and Foreign... Course David Olsher 12/15/2011
ENG022814 - MATESOL Panel Feb 28, 2014 Presenters please view this video... Course David Olsher 03/03/2014
ENG2 - Tutoring & Writing Conferences Tutoring and Writing Conferences... Course David Olsher 12/25/2011
ENG728 - Sociolinguistics and Classroom Interaction Sociolinguistics of Classrooms Course David Olsher  
SFSU1 - TESOL001 Course David Olsher 05/23/2010
ENG653 - ENG 653 Aug 2011 Course David Olsher 08/04/2011
BSSCAHSS 860 - HSU practice course for Diva Demo for Faculty at HSU Course William Darnall  
BSSTest 113 - Sociological Studies of Musical Art in World Languages and Cultures Study the sociological effects of... Course William Darnall  
JS410 - Jewish Mysticism and Kabbalah Segment III, JS core course for... Course Kitty Millet  
JS437 - js 437 Holocaust and LIterature survey course Course Kitty Millet  
JS546 - Jewish American Women Writers Course Kitty Millet  
JS425 - Judaism, Religion and Text Surveys Rabbinic Literature from... Course Kitty Millet  
JS451 - JS/CWL/ENGL 451 Jewish Writers of the Americas Surveys Jewish Writers from North... Course Kitty Millet  
CWL430 - Hero Tales of the Mediterranean Survey course of hero tales from the... Course Kitty Millet  
PLSItest - test test Course Mira C Foster  
ITEC797 - ISED 797 Library Instruction session main research methods course for Ed... Course Athena Nazario