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"Extermination or Domestication: " The Dilemma of California Indian Policy Documents Yasaman Mostoufi 08/15/2011
"Factors Affecting Knowledge of Sexually Transmitted Infection Transmissibility in Healthcare Providers: Results from a National Survey" from Archives of Sexual Behavior Documents Amy Le 11/20/2014
"Fecundity of Paternal and Maternal Non-Paternal Female Relatives of Homosexual and Heterosexual Men" from Public Library of Science Documents Matt Martin 04/06/2017
"Feeding Lesbigay Families" from Food and Culture: A Reader Documents Toni Rose Panlilio 11/21/2014
"Feeding the Birds" Documents Amy Le 09/29/2014
"Feminist Activist Art" Roundtable Documents Mundo Becerra 01/16/2013
"Fiesta, 1980" from Drown Documents Matt Martin 01/28/2013
"Fluctuating Asymmetry, Second To Fourth Finger Length Ratios And Human Sexual Orientation" from Psychoneuroendocrinology Documents Amy Le 11/20/2014
"Full Potential" in the Court Documents Matt Martin 08/27/2012
"Gay/Lesbian" from Sex, Time and Power: How Women's Sexuality Shaped Human Evolution Documents Amy Le 11/20/2014
"Gee, You Don't Seem Like An Indian From the Reservation" Documents Matt Martin 09/12/2011
"Gender Differences in Same-Sex Sexuality" from Sexual Fluidity: Understanding Women's Love and Desire Documents Toni Rose Panlilio 11/20/2014
"Gender, Sexuality, and the Authoritarian Personality" from Journal of Personality Documents Amy Le 11/20/2014
"Genetic and Environmental Effects on Same-sex Sexual Behavior: A Population Study of Twins in Sweden" from Archives of Sexual Behavior Documents Toni Rose Panlilio 11/20/2014
"Global Warming and the Struggle for Justice" in Toward Climate Justice Documents Amy Le 08/18/2015
"Good Guys" And Bad Guys: Media, Asians, And The Framing Of A Criminal Event Documents Yasaman Mostoufi 08/25/2011
"Guideline for Television Criticism" Documents Toni Rose Panlilio 08/29/2014
"HIV Transmission Risk Through Anal Intercourse" from International Journal of Epidemiology Documents Toni Rose Panlilio 11/19/2014
"HIV Transmission" from AIDS Documents Toni Rose Panlilio 11/19/2014
"Having A Say About Where to Play." Documents Philip Chan 07/31/2012