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Cesar Chavez Memorial KPIX local Emmy Award winning report... Video Alex Cherian 09/24/2011
Dolores Huerta & Cesar Chavez in Sacramento A KQED news report on the National... Video Alex Cherian 09/23/2011
Ethel Kennedy visits Cesar Chavez in Jail KPIX Eyewitness News report from... Video Alex Cherian 06/28/2012
Faces from the Archive (1940-78) A short compilation of 16mm... Video Alex Cherian 01/19/2012
Huerta & Chavez in Sacramento, Part II KQED News report from April 10th... Video Alex Cherian 09/23/2011
UFW at Gallo Winery Ranch KQED News report from September 10th... Video Alex Cherian 09/24/2011
UFW Demonstration at San Francisco City Hall KQED Evening Edition News report by... Video Alex Cherian 09/24/2011
United Farm Workers wait for election results KQED News report from September 28th... Video Alex Cherian 09/24/2011
Who Really Shot Bobby Kennedy? A KPIX-TV special report by Mike... Video Alex Cherian 04/20/2012
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