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Kathleen Cleaver press conference after husband's disappearance KRON-TV silent archival newsfilm... Video Alex Cherian 08/08/2012
Kathleen Cleaver Reading A Newspaper KRON-TV news footage from September... CMS Alex Cherian 04/03/2019
Kathleen Cleaver speech at UC Berkeley/Seale on Thurgood Marshall Caution: this clip contains strong... Video Alex Cherian 08/08/2012
KRON-TV Archival Film Trailer A short compilation of 16mm film... Video Alex Cherian 10/22/2014
OPD Officers Attack Black Panther Headquarters KTVU News footage from September... Video Alex Cherian 03/28/2015
Panthers: David Hilliard Press Conference on POWs KPIX Eyewitness News report from... Video Alex Cherian 10/17/2011
Press Conferences with Eldridge Cleaver & Joseph Alioto KTVU News footage from October 2nd... Video Alex Cherian 04/10/2015
Reagan Interview in Sacramento, Part I Part I of a KQED News report... Video Alex Cherian 09/24/2011
Reagan Interview in Sacramento, Part II Part II of a KQED News report... Video Alex Cherian 09/09/2020
Seale Compares Mayor Alioto to Hitler KPIX Eyewitness news footage from... Video Alex Cherian 08/08/2012
Vibrations for a New People: Angela Davis Please note: the audio levels on... Video Alex Cherian 10/23/2011