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Charlene Mitchell on 1968 Presidential Election Laws KTVU News footage from July 16th... Video Alex Cherian 05/13/2014
Harvey Milk Campaigns For State Assembly KPIX-TV news fotoage from 1976... CMS Alex Cherian 03/04/2019
Internet Politics Literature Review Materials for the... Documents Stephen J Stambough 03/13/2007
KPIX Elections Computer KPIX Eyewitness News report... Video Alex Cherian 10/16/2011
KRON-TV Studio Covers 1966 California Elections KRON-TV footage from November 9th... Video Alex Cherian 04/28/2016
"Mayoral candidate Sam Jordan" from the "1964 Franciscan" yearbook (page 27) Photograph of Associated Students... CMS DIVA Digitization Team 05/18/2018
Speaker Willie L. Brown, Jr. Campaign Shorts Selection of campaign videos for... CMS Alex Cherian 08/20/2018
Speaker Willie L. Brown, Jr. Interviews and Profiles Compilation of KRON, CBS, and ABC... CMS Alex Cherian 08/20/2018
The Trouble With Voting Two hour discussion, part of the... Audio Chris Carlsson 10/11/2007
This Week with David Brinkley ABC News This Week with David... CMS Alex Cherian 08/24/2018
We, The People (Willkie & McNary Know Their Farming) (1940) Agriculturally-themed campaign film... Video Michael D Harper 09/20/2007
Willie L. Brown, Jr. Campaign Presentation: Democratic Assembly Candidates Willie Brown campaign presentation.... CMS Alex Cherian 08/20/2018
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