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Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland on FTA Cabaret KPIX-TV news footage from May 2nd... CMS Alex Cherian 02/27/2019
Jane Fonda at Travis Air Force Base (1971) KRON-TV Newswatch report from... Video Alex Cherian 03/14/2016
Jane Fonda interviewed by Henry Fonda (1979) KQED film footage from September... CMS Alex Cherian 02/26/2019
Jane Fonda opposes economic aid to Vietnam KRON News footage from September... Video Alex Cherian 04/14/2016
Jane Fonda speaks at an Anti-Nixon Rally KPIX Eyewitness report from 24th of... Video Alex Cherian 10/14/2011
Jane Fonda Speaks To Youth KRON-TV news footage from April 29th... CMS Alex Cherian 02/27/2019
Step that Step: A Portrait of Cecil Williams A film by Georges T. Paruvanani from... Video Alex Cherian 04/12/2019
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