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1st Anniversary of Alcatraz Occupation KRON-TV news footage from November... CMS Alex Cherian 05/13/2019
A conference with U.S. government officials KQED news report from Alcatraz on... Video Alex Cherian 02/01/2016
American Indians signing agreement KPIX news report from a press... Video Alex Cherian 05/08/2019
American Indians swim onto Alcatraz island, Part II KRON news footage from November 9th... CMS Alex Cherian 06/19/2019
Faces from the Archive (1940-78) A short compilation of 16mm... Video Alex Cherian 01/19/2012
Interviews with American Indians on Alcatraz A KQED news report from Alcatraz... Video Alex Cherian 09/23/2011
Legitimacy of American Indians right to negotiate KPIX news report from January 9th... Video Alex Cherian 05/08/2019
Marine Insurance & Dr. LaNada War Jack Interview KPIX's Ed Arnow reports from... Video Alex Cherian 05/08/2019
'NEGRO' Group Tries To Broker A Deal For American Indians Occupying Alcatraz KRON-TV news footage from September... CMS Alex Cherian 09/03/2019
Occupation of Alcatraz Island: Day 1 KQED news report from November 20th... Video Alex Cherian 09/24/2011
Thanksgiving press conference on Alcatraz KQED news report from Alcatraz on... Video Alex Cherian 05/08/2019
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