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An Interview With Lee Mendelson (2012) A TV Archive production featuring an... CMS Alex Cherian 09/04/2019
Bay of Gold A Lee Mendelson Films production... Video Alex Cherian 05/24/2013
Better Read - Than Dead Please note: This... Video Alex Cherian 09/27/2011
Disaster at Dawn KPIX documentary film written and... Video Alex Cherian 09/22/2011
Lee Mendelson on the death of Vince Guaraldi KRON-TV News footage from February... Video Alex Cherian 04/18/2017
The Bridge Builders Peabody Award winning KPIX film... Video Alex Cherian 09/22/2011
The Enchanted Hill: The Story of San Simeon KPIX documentary film from 1963,... Video Alex Cherian 02/07/2012
The Innocent Fair KPIX-TV documentary film from 1962,... Video Alex Cherian 09/22/2011
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