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Dresden inner city after February 1943 fire bombing. GERMAN Anonymous Images Kathleen Cohen 10/25/2007
Drought victim from Kentucky in school with milk he received in Red Cross lunch Lewis Wickes HINE (1874 - 1940) Images Kathleen Cohen 10/25/2007
Feliz Lucia Molina with Alli Warren: April 11, 2019 The Poetry Center presents Feliz... Audio The Poetry Center 05/08/2019
Fred Moten and Nathaniel Mackey with Hafez Modirzadeh: March 5, 2016 The Poetry Center and The Green... Audio DIVA Digitization Team 04/15/2016
Ishmael Reed & Richard Nagler: Oakland Rhapsody KRON-TV footage from May 4th 1995... CMS Alex Cherian 01/24/2019
Jared Stanley and Steven Seidenberg: October 11, 2018 The Poetry Center presents Jared... Audio The Poetry Center 12/17/2018
Katie Korwin. Julia Margaret CAMERON (1815 - 1879) Images Kathleen Cohen 10/25/2007
Kwakwaka'wakw dancers arriving for potlatch. Edward Sheriff CURTIS (1868-1952) Images Kathleen Cohen 10/28/2007
Martha Ronk and Paul Vangelisti: September 14, 2017 The Poetry Center presents Martha... Audio DIVA Digitization Team 11/15/2017
MK Chavez and Heather June Gibbons: September 20th, 2018 The Poetry Center presents MK Chavez... Audio The Poetry Center 11/29/2018
Old Man from Warsaw. Yitzak Uri & Alta KATZ Images Kathleen Cohen 10/25/2007
Painting a Hat: Nakoaktok. Edward Sheriff CURTIS (1868-1952) Images Kathleen Cohen 10/25/2007
Pakistan villagers on decorated tractor. PAKISTANI Anonymous Images Kathleen Cohen 10/25/2007
Portrait of a boy soldier. Nashville. Tennessee. MORRIS GALLERY OF THE CUMBERLAND... Images Kathleen Cohen 10/25/2007
Prageeta Sharma and Thomas Devaney: May 7, 2015 The Poetry Center presents Prageeta... Audio DIVA Digitization Team 06/19/2017
Roberto Tejada, The George Oppen Memorial Lecture: December 12, 2015 The Poetry Center presents Roberto... Audio DIVA Digitization Team 12/23/2015
Rodin and the Thinker. Edward STEICHEN (1879 - 1973) Images Kathleen Cohen 10/25/2007
Sacheen Littlefeather Modeling For Photo Shoot (1971) KRON-TV news footage from January... CMS Alex Cherian 09/16/2019
Self-Portrait. August STRINDBERG (1849 - 1912) Images Kathleen Cohen 10/25/2007
Shadows & Sunshine: The World of Ansel Adams KRON-TV special report from 1968,... Video Alex Cherian 09/25/2011