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Alli Warren and Feliz Lucia Molina: April 12, 2019 The Poetry Center presents Alli... Audio The Poetry Center 05/08/2019
Ankara Pollution in 1976 Air pollution during the winter of... Images DIVA Digitization Team 04/15/2015
Assignment 4: No Deposit, No Return KRON-TV special report from 1965... Video Alex Cherian 01/20/2012
Brenda Iijima and Janice Lee: December 1, 2018 The Poetry Center presents Brenda... Audio The Poetry Center 03/13/2019
Camille T. Dungy and Javier Zamora: September 28, 2017 The Poetry Center presents Camille... Audio DIVA Digitization Team 11/29/2017
Oil Refinery and Polluted River. ROMANIAN Anonymous Images Kathleen Cohen 10/25/2007
Polluted River in Tranyslvania. Kathleen Cohen (1933-) Images Kathleen Cohen 10/25/2007
Slum Graffiti. Slum Graffiti. Images Kathleen Cohen 11/30/2006
Urban Trash. Urban Trash. Images Kathleen Cohen 11/30/2006
Waterloo Bridge. Grey Day. Waterloo Bridge. Grey Day. Images Kathleen Cohen 11/30/2006
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