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African American Community Dispute Police Stop & Search KRON-TV News footage from April 18th... Video Alex Cherian 12/14/2016
Bayview Hunters Point Community Support SF State Strike KQED news footage from December 4th... Video Alex Cherian 05/01/2014
Christmas at Glide (1992) Raw KRON-TV news footage from... Video Alex Cherian 05/13/2016
Dr. Robert Corrigan on Affirmative Action Scenes from Sunday Morning... Video Alex Cherian 03/29/2012
Herb Caen ... A Chronicle A KRON-TV documentary film tribute... Video Alex Cherian 11/16/2015
Interview with Janice Mirikitani (1992) Raw KRON-TV news footage from... Video Alex Cherian 05/13/2016
Look Up & Live: Many Mansions (Glide) A CBS News production from 1971... Video Alex Cherian 02/15/2012
People Are Talking: Bishop Desmond Tutu An episode of KPIX-TV's People... CMS Alex Cherian 01/16/2019
Police Summit with Black Panther Party KPIX Eyewitness news footage from... Video Alex Cherian 08/08/2012
San Francisco in the 1980s [Decades Series] Episode from KRON-TV's Emmy... Video Alex Cherian 10/30/2015
Step that Step: A Portrait of Cecil Williams A film by Georges T. Paruvanani from... Video Alex Cherian 04/12/2019
Vibrations for a New People: Angela Davis Please note: the audio levels on... Video Alex Cherian 10/23/2011
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