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Assignment Four - The People & The Police: Oakland A KRON-TV Assignment Four... Video Alex Cherian 06/10/2020
BART Evicts Thrift Store Owner In West Oakland KPIX news footage from May 9th 1967... Video Alex Cherian 01/26/2018
Losing just the same Please note: copyright to Losing... Video Alex Cherian 05/31/2017
Oakland Redevelopment Agency Tours West Oakland KPIX News footage from November 25th... Video Alex Cherian 12/16/2016
Oscar Bermeo and Barbara Jane Reyes: December 1, 2016 The Poetry Center presents Oscar... Audio DIVA Digitization Team 01/05/2017
Redevelopment in Oakland's Oak Center Neighborhood KTVU News footage from c1966... Video Alex Cherian 01/11/2019
The Making of Losing Just the Same (with Richard O. Moore) An interview with director Richard... CMS Alex Cherian 09/13/2019
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