Interviews with American Indians on Alcatraz

You can view this bundle in the Bay Area Television Archive collection area.


  • KQN 516.mp4 (50.13 MB – MPEG4 video)


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This footage is greatly appreciated! While watching this footage, innumerable emotions ran through me.

The best in your endeavors,

Chanel Harris

University of Missouri-Saint Louis

Graduate Student

University of Michigan

April 2008


THANK-YOU to SFSU and KQED for posting this incredibly valuable footage. I am Ojibwe and a grad student at the University of Michigan. This archive is an incredible resource for me!!

You really aren't looking for a lot of money to digitize this footage. Have you tried raising money with California's tribes?? I know the tribes in Michigan have what they call 5% money--a portion of casino profits that are reinvested back into local community projects. Miigwetch and keep loading this online as quickly as you can! I'll be telling my students and department (American Culture) about this resource.Veronica PasfieldDoctoral StudentProgram in American CultureUniversity of Michigan, Ann

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