Willie Brown Documentary

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A documentary produced and directed by Susan E. Brown, looking at the life and political career of her father Willie Brown. Features interviews with family, friends and colleagues and also includes photgraphs and archival footage. The introduction opens with a female rap artist singing: "Born in Texas in the town of Mineola / Now Willie Brown is a political Ayatollah!" This film is dedicated to the director's grandmother 'Minnie Collins Boyd, 1909-1993'.

Originally aired on
Chartreuse Pictures
Date aired
Recording medium
Mini DV
Type of material
Digital video tape
WB 1496

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Great work!  Thank you so much for creating this wonderful documentary!

I would like to reach out and interview Mr. Brown.  Is there a way I can be directed to his public relations person?  (Of course directly with Mr. Brown would be great, but I am mindful of protocol!Respectfully, Kathy Perry

Hilary - Blanche said she'd like to hear from you. I can pass on her email address if you contact me directly at the TV Archive: acherian@sfsu.edu / Tel: 415-817-4261.

Hi there,

I've worked with Blanche in the past - I was the Artistic Director for Westwind Int'l Folk Ensemble (1989-1997) and Founder and Artistic Director for Jubilee American Dance Theatre (1999-2009) and would like to reconnect with her. Do you know how I might do that?Thanks!Hilary Roberts

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