Willie Brown Documentary

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Great work!  Thank you so much for creating this wonderful documentary!

I would like to reach out and interview Mr. Brown.  Is there a way I can be directed to his public relations person?  (Of course directly with Mr. Brown would be great, but I am mindful of protocol!Respectfully, Kathy Perry

Hilary - Blanche said she'd like to hear from you. I can pass on her email address if you contact me directly at the TV Archive: acherian@sfsu.edu / Tel: 415-817-4261.

Hi there,

I've worked with Blanche in the past - I was the Artistic Director for Westwind Int'l Folk Ensemble (1989-1997) and Founder and Artistic Director for Jubilee American Dance Theatre (1999-2009) and would like to reconnect with her. Do you know how I might do that?Thanks!Hilary Roberts

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