Book-in at SF State Library

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KPIX-TV Eyewitness News report from January 19th 1969 by Ed Arnow at SF State College’s Library featuring an interview with Margedant Hayakawa, who explains how volunteers are helping to re-organize and shelve thousands of books that have been deliberately misplaced by student protesters. The students are striking against SF State's college administration, in an attempt to establish a department of ethnic studies and this disruption is part of those efforts. Volunteers are shown re-shelving books (including Professors David Gamble and John Edwards) and there is a scuffle between a middle-aged volunteer and students, followed by a shouting match which is broken-up by campus security. A student screams at a volunteer: "Why don't you use some morality man!" The volunteer replies: "Are you a paragon of morality?" The student responds: "I believe very strongly in something!" and the volunteer retorts: "Oh beautiful! So did the Nazis!" This exchange illustrates well how different generations found it difficult to communicate over serious issues during this period of change. Ends with Assistant Library Director Dr Mary MacWilliam reflecting on how they haven’t faced this level of disruption since the last earthquake which affected the library (on March 22nd 1957, centered at Daly City).

1968 SF State Student Strike
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archival news film
16mm b&w magnetic sound film
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KPIX Eye on the Bay News
KPIX 37639

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