SF State: Black Studies Department

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Dr Nathan Hare and President S.I. Hayakawa are featured in a series of interviews delivering statements about the creation of a Black Studies Department at SF State College. A spokesperson for the Black Students Union explains to KPIX's Ben Williams that: "We take the position that the Black Studies Department is going to have self determination. That will mean we have the power to hire and select whoever we wish to head that department. That person will be Dr Nathan Hare." Hayakawa confirms that he doesn't intend to renew Hare's teaching contract: "If a man disappoints you like that in a crucial job, there is no reason to continue his contract, is there?" and Hare reflects how: "Only time will tell if the speculations and hallucinations of Professor Hayakawa will materialize or not."

Originally aired on
KPIX Eye on the Bay News
Date aired
Recording medium
16mm b&w magnetic sound film
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Type of material
archival news film
1968 SF State Student Strike
KPIX 38386

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