Beauty: Beneath the Skin

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Please note: the original program aired on KQED Ch. 9. This version is 7 minutes shorter, as three music videos featured in the original show have been cut because of licensing issues. These were: Devo's 'Girl U Want', The Pretenders 'Brass in Pocket' and The Skids 'Charade'.

A fast paced, video magazine show which reflects on images, stereotypes and popular attitudes towards "beauty" in American society. Produced in 1980 by San Francisco based independent studio Videowest. See their website for more details:

Includes interviews with photographers and models, the Berkeley Women's Group, a cosmetic surgeon and passers-by in downtown San Francisco. Also features scenes from the Miss San Francisco Pageant and highly irreverent, satirical advertising sketches.

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3/4" U-matic video tape
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Video journal program
VW18 mp4 edit

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I can't believe this video is 37years old. It's crazy how much technology has improved in that timespan. The music is still good, who doesn't like The Pretenders and the fashion is a bit strange but I guess no worse than a hipster now. . Anyway, thanks for posting this, I was doing research on The Pretenders and bumped into this page. 

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