"Keep off Indian property"

You can view this bundle in the Bay Area Television Archive collection area.


  • KQN 511.mp4 (27.03 MB – MPEG4 video)


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James - the Alcatraz Occupation clips were processed before we purchased more AV equipment, which enabled us to produce better quality, more consistent audio.

The screener clips are not hi-resolution video. This is the best quality that copyright holders will permit us to make publicly available online for free. The master footage preserved at the archive is much higher quality.

In addition to this, some of the original newsfilm had technical issues during shooting and has deteriorated over time. This also affects playback.Thanks for your questions.

Technical ?, why are all the videos from your archive playing back very choppy and the audio is very low. I have a very fast internet connection and I have no problems playing back hi resolution streaming videos from other sites.

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