The Maze: Haight/Ashbury

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KPIX-TV documentary presented by writer Michael McClure from 1967, about the Haight-Ashbury district in San Francisco and how it is increasingly recognized as a center for the growing 'hippie' counter-culture movement. As narrator Rod Sherry puts it: "Some call Haight-Ashbury another bohemia, like the Left Bank, Greenwich Village and others ... But it's more like Brigadoon: a magical land that appeared only yesterday and may be gone tomorrow. But if it lasts, the effect on the rest of society could be far reaching. And that's why the outside world must try to understand what is happening here." Includes scenes of McClure visiting the Psychedlic Bookshop, the Print Mint and the Straight Theater (where The New Salvation Army Band and a rehersal from his play 'The Beard' are seen). Also features views of The Grateful Dead relaxing inside their house at 710 Ashbury Street and of McClure walking though the neighborhood and socializing with painter Mike Bowen, writer Richard Brautigan and others. This film was produced by Alan Goldberg, written by Jim Harwood and directed by Dick Williams. The music is by The New Salvation Army Band.

Note that Movette Film Transfer of San Francisco remastered this 16mm positive film print in December 2016 in 2K resolution (2048x1556 pixels), using a Lasergraphics film scanner. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

Type of material
documentary film
16mm color optical sound film
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Originally aired on
KPIX 146811-2K

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San Francisco has so much history!  Maybe if my  dc home improvement business takes off I can visit more!

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Thanks for sharing the video!

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I could not imagine living back then. They didn't have all the wonderful things we have today and didn't have as much information today. For instance, my window cleaning service has been upgraded to best in service for the Colorado Rockies.

This video was mesmerizing.  I'm just a simple Washington D.C. home inspector but I find the past very interesting. 

I'm so glad somebody has taken the time to assemble all of this information! tree removal salt lake city

Love San Francisco and love this film! Aluminum Fence Miami

When psychedelics were new and still legal. website

What a crazy time in our nations history! Tree removal

This is a great video. It's before my time, though, so it's interest to see what San Francisco was like back then.

Wow - what trip! It had to be quite an experience to live during that time. Looking back I'm sure that's what people will say about 2020. wood fence

One of the best cities in the world during a great time in history! Thanks for sharing. Trash removal

I LOVE San Francisco! So cool to know the history of this place! I wish the clovis preschool I work at took field trips so we could come here, but I guess I'll have to go on my own.

Never knew there was such a story behind this place.. It'll be interesting to visit again after watching this! San Francisco is a great place to explore things like this, but the parking situation is really junky. Hope they fix that at some point because I'd love going there even more without that headache!

This really takes me back. I was only 16, married with a child on the way when we formed Salvation. Joe & AL put the group together.Not Gary.

This really takes me back. I was only 16, married with a child on the way when we formed Salvation. Joe & AL out the group together.

The creator and piano player for New Salvation is Gary Emerson, we moved to Haight Ashbury from Minnesota/North Dakota in 1966 where our son Dayton Emerson (also a musician) celebrated his first birthday. New Salvation Army Band played at the first "Love in" in Golden Gate Park. A truly amazing occasion. Thrilled to see this piece, also sad that Gary , who died earlier this year, was likely unaware of this piece. Thank you for the memories.

Good to see Steohen Gaskin at the coffe shop. Changed and helped form my life. RIP good man. 

Looks like Cindy Williams in the bookstore.

That's Richard Brautigan walking with McClure from 21:52 to 22:45. Brautigan is wearing the same attire on the cover of the original paperback edition of Trout Fishing in America




Lookit all the parking!!!

A pleasant stroll around... I left in the Fall of '66, but the flavor I remember was here (although I wish he'd stopped for a piroshki on Haight at the foot of Clayton... and maybe walked across the panhandle & up to the Blue Banjo, with a stop at Herb Greene's, to see the Famous Wall. I was all about music, though... and McClure is about words. So his walk sufficed.  ^..^

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