KQED Newsroom Highlights (12/31/68)

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Edited highlights from KQED's Newsroom program from December 31st 1968, presented by Mel Wax. Includes scenes of: Art Hoppe making ironic news predictions for 1969; a brief appearance by Mimi London, to discuss the 'Apple Mary' news story; Bob Bastian showing a series of his political cartoons; George Dusheck reflecting on the success of early heart transplants and Ed Radenzel reviewing events in what he refers to as 1968's "year of violence."

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3/4" U-matic video tape
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news program
KQ 1002

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Wow! Women have come a long way since this show, in which Mel Wax invites Mimi London to come and look pretty and not say anything for two hours. What a stunning insult this would be now, but back then they all thought it was cute and funny.

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