Rhapsody & Requiem: The Life of Robinson Jeffers

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Wonderful documentary . I will visit Tor house soon and am looking forward to learning more about Robinson and Una Jeffers . Thank you.

I watched Ghost Adventures about Robinson Jeffers.  I was entrigied by it.  It was fascinating how Jeffers build The Hawk Tower & his home for Una Jeffers.  I later researched found this autobiography 'Rhapsody & Requiem: The Life of Robinson Jeffers' I loved it & I wish there was more.  I love senic places & his property & buildings that he build is so fantastic & unique I love how he designed & built the Hawk Tower & I love the den area where the piano is where Una Jeffers played for Robinson Jeffers & their dog.  I love the wood in the room on the walls & I love everything about the decor & design like you can still live in it & it wouldn't be out-dated.  I love his poems I will be buying his books & the biography book of Una Jeffers.  I'm so glad I watched Ghost Adventures or I wouldn't have known the history of the world's greatest legend of gifted & talented poet that had ever lived in the twentith century.  Sincerely,Rajaa Said

Jeffers was indeed one of the greatest poets of the twentith century.

Great biographical film.

Very cool! Wish it was longer:)


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