Vibrations for a New People: Angela Davis

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Please note: the audio levels on this 16mm film print were low, affecting sound quality. KPIX public affairs program from January 1972 hosted by Rev. Cecil Williams featuring an interview with Angela Davis in jail, which focuses on her political philosophy in relation to civil rights and justice. She discusses: what she means by "revolutionary" and "communist"; the misleading perception which equates revolution with violence; the Soledad Brothers; her personal relationships with George Jackson and his family; the concept of U.S. justice and rehabilitation; systemic racism and the use of lobotomy and drugs on violent offenders; California's use of indeterminate prison sentencing; women in prison and Wesley Wells. At one point, when asked to clarify her position on what it means to be a 'communist', she explains that: "I have a very strong love for oppressed people, for my people, I want to see them free ... I want to see all oppressed people throughout the world free. And I realize that the only way that we can do this is by moving towards a revolutionary society." This film was produced by Len Schlosser and directed by Fred Joslyn.

Originally aired on
Date aired
January 1972
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16mm, color optical sound film
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special program

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Please note: the sound and picture were slightly out of synch on the original 16mm optical film print. This will be corrected for and a new version uploaded to DIVA in the near future.

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