Senator Daniel Inouye on Internment Camps

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What BS.... Hayakawa was never involved in the evacuation/imprisonment, so he knows nothing about it.       However, in same video, you have Dan Innoye giving HIS opinion.  Don't you know he too was never in in one either(as were thousands of US Japs?.).............very picky,picky-----and extremily one-sided.

I am not Japanese or Hawaiian (only at heart). I completely agree. The record of these Japanese Americans in the internment camps needs to be erased.

Thank you Senator Inouye for your Distinguished Service to Our Country.

Eddie Cone

Lubbock, TX




Thank you Senator for caring and remembering.  I am from hawaii but my husbands family who lived in California were interned.  "Shikataganai", cannot be helped, they said.  My husband was 2 years old and we have a class photo with he in it and the barracks in the background.  Manzanar looked like a prison.  I guess it was.

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