Hayakawa & Japanese American Internment

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Many falsified facts re FDR's exec order 9066 making our west coast a "red zone" (exclusion war zone) for the duration of WWII. Internment has been misused, in that it applied only to German, Japanese and Italian "enemy aliens with charges". (They became "enemy aliens" after Dec 8, '41). Resident aliens in 4 Pacific coast states went to various "Relocation Centers" unless they signed an oath of "non-interference" and went to one of the non-affected 44 states. 

What BS.... Hayakawa was never involved in the evacuation/imprisonment, so he knows nothing about it.       However, in same video, you have Dan Innoye giving HIS opinion.  Don't you know he too was never in in one either(as were thousands of US Japs?.).............very picky,picky-----and extremily one-sided.

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