Zodiac Killer: Lake Berryessa Attack

You can view this bundle in the Bay Area Television Archive collection area.


  • KPIX 100312.mp4 (85.81 MB – MPEG4 video)


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why is the sound off? but this was very helpful thank you for making this available to the public!!

Some of the magnetic soundtrack is missing because this is how the newsfilm was originally cut in the editing room. Some of these film elements are now missing. Sound and picture would often be separated and put onto different film reels, giving news editors the opportunity to make quick decisions to cut from one to another, when the broadcast went out live. What we've made available here is everything that survives.

How come a lot of the sound is off?

Is it intentional to keep specific information secret? or is it a technical problem?

Besides that, thank you SO very much for making this avaible.

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