Roller Derby 'College of Hard Knocks'

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KPIX Eyewitness news report from September 4th 1972 featuring scenes of men's roller derby training. Also includes an interview with a coach, who refers to his training as the 'College of Hard Knocks'. When asked to consider what draws people to roller derby, he replies that: "I think nowadays that this is the time where people want to be recognized ... Nowadays people are more aggressive. They want to be noticed."

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archival newsfilm
16mm color, magnetic sound film
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KPIX 109525

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Again excellent footage.  A behind the scenes look at the training of Roller Derby skaters and what it takes to become one.  No fancy training facility like most sports sadly.  Having to pay to train and doing it part time till one made the pros.  It took dedication and just love of the sport to become a Roller Derby skater.  Not like the other major sporting events where everything sadly seems to be evolved around the dollar bill and how much they can make!  Thanks again for saving it!

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