Taste of a Millionaire

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KPIX documentary film from 1962, narrated by Marvin Miller, which presents the history of California Governor, Senator and railroad tycoon Leland Stanford's mansion on Nob Hill in San Francisco, from the beginning of construction in 1875 through to its burning down on April 19th 1906, in the San Francisco earthquake. Written and produced by Ray Hubbard, this film uses close-up shots of albumen still photo prints (preserved on glass plates and recently discovered on Stanford University's campus) to show and describe the interior decor of each room in the Stanford's mansion. These photographs were taken by Eadweard Muybridge (1830-1904) and are now preserved in an album of 62 photo prints by the San Francisco Public Library. Ends with brief views of Stanford University campus, with the Stanford University Mendicants singing the Stanford Hymn in the background.

Type of material
documentary film
16mm b&w, optical sound film
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KPIX 146829

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Such beautiful decor in the mansion and such a shame of the fate of it all. So interesting to view these old slides and get a feel of what is was like inside.

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