Discovery: Benny Bufano

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Anyone know where the Moars Cafeteria mosaics of Bufano's are now?

Hello All,

I recently purchased two small bronze statues at a flea market.  One of a snail and one of flames.  From my research I am convinced they are from Beniamino Bufano  or at least very strongly influenced by him.  Please let me know how I can share photos and get some opinions.

Thank you,


I saw the murals that were somehow removed from Moar's hanging in a New building on Fourth Street (near Moscone) and learned later the building was scheduled for demolition.....last I heard.....but I saw them justy as they were in Moar's.

Great film!

Anyone know where the Moars Cafeteria mosaics of Bufano's are now?

I am amazed knowing more about this artist, and I am becoming a fan of Bufano'scultures, my girlfriend's relatives are from San fele, Italy where bufano was born

Thank you for sharing this masterpiece of art


Jose, from Australia

Sounds like a mafioso, did he make those weird statues at SFO?

Thanks Alex, for putting up my comment!

I turned a local sculptor on to the video and also wanted to show him Miller's essay on Benny Bufano, but when I looked for it I discovered I had not remembered the reference correctly -- Miller wrote about Benny in "Remember to Remember", and how is that for irony, I didn't remember.

Again, this is a great piece to have preserved, thanks!Ron

Ron Potter asked me to add a message from him (below):

I have been a fan of Benny Bufano's sculpture since reading about him in Henry Miller's "Air Conditioned Nightmare" a very long time ago. Eventually I ended up in San Francisco for a few years and enjoyed seeking out sites with his work. So glad to see that this 'studio tour' was preserved and made available on the internet! 

Thanks, Ron.

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