Interview with Fay Stender

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I live in a board and care in Carson, CA. I ran across a black book entitled KIND AND USUAL PUNISHMENT by Jessica Mitford and came to page seven twice. I noticed her name and decided to dig a little deeper. I read Fay Stender's Wikipedia column "Death and Legacy" and was very surprised at her story AFTER I read the third paragraph on page seven of KIND AND USUAL PUNISHMENT. I will not quote Jessica's book here; Stender's views on prisoners is breath taking. Please take the time to visit your local library and check out KIND AND USUAL PUNISHMENT by Jessica Mitford. Thank you and more to come. R.I.P. Yes remember these days like the were yesterday news, Had a first cousin who died in the people struggle at the state prison riots in California, can't remember the prison name at this moment, it started with Att ? But his. name was Clarence Barkley. I was about 11 or 12I remember my mother crying about him. I remember them all and the struggle to be free, and not freedom it self ! 


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