Assignment Four - Hunters Point: A View from the Hill

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I am so grateful for the opportunity to have watched this film. I am a native of San Francisco and a long time resident of Bayview Hunter's Point. This film should be viewed by the young people of San Francisco. This is a part of history that is important because it shows how our elders challenged the systems of oppression. Better housing, health care, police brutality, and etc. Thank you to all of the African American people who made it possible for myself and peers. It's so unfortunate that 50 years later things are still the same. It's up to the community to see that we continue to fight for our rights and the love of our community. Black Lives Matter!!! P.S please share this treasure with more people as you discover it.

My grandmother Elouise Westbrook worked a many and hard hours to get this development started and she wasn't along but I remember the night's when she would come home drained from trying so hard not to disappoint anyone she's gone now and all I know is I'm very proud of her and will forever love her and respect what she was and all she accomplished.

The work of my father, Adam Rogers, and others was not on vein.  Thank you for allowing an opportunity for me to hear his voice both physically and metaphorically for the first time in 37 years.  His sound is familiar to me again.  There is still much work to be done.  Be inspired.  Daughter of a soldier.  

Hunters Point produced some great leaders and still do. The point that has to be made is clear - past Mayors - including Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. failed the community. The community must own the land and the homes - they paid their dues.

Instead we have Rogue Developers like Lennar, the John Stewart Company, and sell outs mostly Blacks the like of Willie B. Kennedy, Linda Richardson, Dorris Vincent, Aurelious Walker, Veronica Hunnicutt  and others - undoing the work that was laid.In the 1980s "Crack Cocaine" was introduced to the community - and the community decimated. Today, the few so called leaders are bought - none are educated on issues - they talk a good talk - but cannot walk a good walk.We have NO gangs - but "gang injunctions" have been introduced - to intimidate our young women and men. No opportunities are given - so that we can own the land and the homes - as this documentary so eloquently states.We cannot wait for the Messiah to come - our time is now - and we watching the situation - and we WILL act - it may come as a surprise to many - but not the soldiers - who are prepared.A salvo was sent in 1966 and it is now 2013 - and nothing much has changed.Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.Francisco Da

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