Assignment Four - Chinatown: Community in Crisis

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A KRON-TV Assignment Four documentary report from 1968, narrated by Phil Wilson, which looks at the impact of recent large scale immigration into San Francisco's Chinatown, which is referred to as the "capital of oriental culture in the western hemisphere," following the Congressional abolition of policy excluding Chinese immigration (the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965). Issues of how the community is dealing with an influx of new ideas, poverty, health and housing shortages are discussed in interviews with: the Yep Pong Chow family (from Hong Kong); Bernice Aston (who grew up in a garment factory); Paul Louie (businessman); Judge Harold Low; Jack Lee Wong; Lemuel Jen (President of the Chinese Six Companies) and George Woo (Wa Ching Leader). Also includes many scenes of residents relaxing and working in the Chinatown neighborhood and views of people learning at an English Language Training Center (established 1966). This film was written and produced by Ira Eisenberg and directed by Merle Ellis.

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16mm color, optical sound film
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Young Broadcasting of San Francisco, Inc.
Type of material
documentary film
KRON 485

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