Eloise Westbrook on the New Look for Hunters Point

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 Tales from the hood - 2 

Birdie Mae

I laugh, joke, smoke dope, skip rope and talk all day, but I do not play.  Folks in Bayview Hunters Point know me as Birdie Mae.  Tough as nails and fine as wine, soft and sweet and always kind. Til you get on my last nerve and I have to draw the line.

Birdie Mae was on her way, she would one day light the way, like black women soon become, warm and kind as morning sun.  Soft and peaceful, firm and strong, children know to go along, when we follow Mama’s lead, we will plant an awesome seed.


Women like her nourish good, into black folk’s neighborhood, Mom can sit and watch us grow some too fast and others slow, she will never halt the flow, women always seems to know, good men follow where she leads and we plant our awesome seeds.        

A Tale from the hood -2

Introducing Eloise Westbrook 

Eloise, not your main squeeze, but Grandma to the hilt, when she walked into a room the universe would tilt.  I saw many white men quiver as she started to deliver what was needed to make things right, always had unique insight.

Some say she was tough as nails, but with Grandma good prevails, smart and kind as she could be, life was not a mystery, she was black folk’s history, and when Grandma took the lead, all her flock was guaranteed, we had a chance to succeed 

Always stood on moral ground, I knew she was heaven bound, when I saw her loving face and that she was armed with grace.  Kindly almost to a fault, til she rendered her assault on all that she knew was wrong, as she sang her parting song, angels must have sang along

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