Oakland Hills Fire Summary (1991)

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Local Emmys Award nominated news report from KTVU by Carrie Manley featuring scenes from the Oakland firestorm on October 20th 1991, introduced by newscaster Elaine Corral. This was was a large suburban conflagration that occurred on the hillsides of northern Oakland, California, and southeastern Berkeley. The fire has also been called the Oakland Hills Firestorm or the East Bay Hills Fire. The fire ultimately killed 25 people and injured 150 others. Includes views of residents running for their lives, trying to escape in cars and of firefighters trying to contain the blaze. This report was edited by Ron Acker, with photography by Steve Carolo.

Originally aired on
Date aired
Recording medium
3/4-inch U-matic videotape
Rights for this video belong to
Cox Enterprises Inc/KTVU
Type of material
special news report
Emmys 537

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