Public Comment on Bayview Hunters Point Uprising

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Extracts from a special report made by the KQED "Aftermath Camera Team" in early 1967 featuring street interviews with San Franciscans in the downtown area, at the Stonestown Mall and in the Mission District. They are being asked to comment on the social uprising (referred to as "riots') which happened in the city's Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood in September 1966. They reflect on: the police killing of 16 year old Matthew Johnson; whether the major social disturbances that happened around Third Street between September 27th to 30th affected them; who they feel is responsible for improving living conditions in Bayview Hunters Point; their attitudes toward African Americans or "minorities" and if they think social change is necessary and/or possible in San Francisco. Most interviewees are asked if they've ever been to the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood and a Caucasian woman replies: "I'm a little afraid to go out there." When the reporter asks "Why?" she replies: "Look at me." One African American woman in the Mission is asked to comment on what the phrase "Black Power" means to her. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

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16mm b&w magetic sound film
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special report
KQ 5

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