Hell's Angels Funeral (c1966)

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Martin is right, this is Hayward.  They're turning from B Street onto Foothill.  Also, Miles went to the cemetery in a 1964 hearse, and this coach is a '61 Superior. 

Hello.  I am the granddaughter of dirty Ed Wiley.   He passed away before I was born but I heard many stoires about him.   I have done a lot of Research looking for more about him and this the first I have seen of him.  He’s the first biker with a smoke hanging out of his mouth.   I would love more stories about him and pics of anyone has any.  

Note: this comment is from DIVA user Martin Kasler:

No, this is definitely not from the funeral of Mother Miles, because you see him clearly (with bushy, dark hair and beard) to the left of Sonny Barger. It's probably from the funeral of a member of Hells Angels Hayward that got stabbed to death in the latter half of 1965. In front with Barger you see the Hayward-president Dirty Ed Wiley (with cigarette). Saturday Evening Post covered that funeral with pictures the procession's start. The lineup - Miles, Barger, Wiley - is the same.

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