Black Revolution Exhibit At Oakland Museum

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KPIX News footage from February 15, 1973 with Bill Hillman featuring a report on an exhibition of grade school science experiments by African American students at Oakland Museum. Includes views of the exhibit and an interview with Physicist and Educator,  Dr. Robert A. Thornton (1898-1982). Dr. Thornton  says, "In the process of creating, one uses his human resources, his cultural conditions, his metaphors, his ideas of linguistic confusion, trial and error, and so on."  He also states, "I think by all means they're (the students) demonstrating the creative act and they are demonstrating that creativity is colorless, it's neither black nor white nor yellow." Please note: the original KPIX shot log referred to this story as the "Black Revolution Exhibit." Note that Dr. Thornton was a Professor of Physics and Dean of the school of Science at San Francisco State University (1965-1969).  He was honored by SFSU in the naming of the Science building. (Robert A. Thornton Hall). Supporting text and metadata updated for the web in April 2020 by Lisa Ann Nikkel. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

Type of material
local newsfilm
16mm color silent/magentic sound film
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KPIX 111135

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