Race and Indigeneity

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What is the relationship between blackness and indigenity? To engage this question, this paper takes a comparative look at the salience of this relationship in the lives of African-Native Americans (i.e., individuals that are of blended cultural and/or racial African and Native American descent) and Aboriginal Australians. Blackness and Indigenity must be understood in a manner consistent with the dynamic nature in which being both black and indigenous is navigated in everyday lives. In this paper, I will argue that ethnographic discussions of blackness and indigenity must reject socio-cultural deterministic conception of this relationship and be expanded to include the diversity of people that have been classified under these notions over time, so as to not lend the illusion that this relhttp://www.sfsu.edu/~ethnicst/

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College of Ethnic Studies, San Francisco State University
Recorded on
Friday, October 9, 2009
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College of Ethnic Studies San Francisco State University
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College of Ethnic Studies 40th Anniversary

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