Redefining Race Consciousness African Immigrant and African American Perspectives

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Pedagogical Engagement of Second Generation African Immigrants Paucity of knowledge abounds about the civil rights struggle in the sixties and even before this era. This paucity is not just among the younger second generation of African immigrants but also among young people in general. Pedagogical engagement that will instruct, enlighten, and enable intercultural dynamics to germinate and inform the coming generation is the purpose of this paper. Mother to Son: Toward A New Generation of Teaching African American in a Multi-Cultural and Pluralistic Society This presentation demonstrates how instructors of culture and ethnicity can acknowledge, and effectively teach Black Culture in their classrooms. Moreover, it will unmask some of the notions we have learned, practiced, and normalized within the world of academia as it highlights methods that can be employed to insure their dismissal.

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College of Ethnic Studies, San Francisco State University
Recorded on
Thursday, October 8, 2009
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College of Ethnic Studies San Francisco State University
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College of Ethnic Studies 40th Anniversary

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