Surviving on a Shoestring Chicano studies in the North Bay

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A brief history of the Chicano and Latino Studies department at CSU-Sonoma (SSU), from "Mexican-American" to "Chicano and Latino Studies" title, its ups and downs in enrollment and faculty during various budget cuts, and the University committees' occasional attempts to merge it away under one "Ethnic Studies" department. Now in its 39th year, it has survived, and is thriving with vibrant younger faculty, while mediating the strain between serving large-capacity GE classes and its Majors and Minors needs. This semester, this department was able to create a Minor in Latin American Studies (which previously floated in the catalog w/o a home dept) under its domain.

Provided by
College of Ethnic Studies, San Francisco State University
Recorded on
Friday, October 9, 2009
Rights for this video belong to
College of Ethnic Studies San Francisco State University
Type of material
College of Ethnic Studies 40th Anniversary

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