Classical African Studies-Principles, Paradigm and Modern Interest

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"From Classical Kemetic Science to Traditional Bantu-Congo Thought to Contemporary Black Psychology: The (Re)Emergence of Sahku Sheti" This presentation will briefly discuss the grounding of classical and traditional African thought relative to the meaning of being human and the science of the spirit. It will illustrate the ancient Kemetic foundation and traditional African grounding for the development of Black Psychology; survey the reciprocal incubation of contemporary Black Psychology and Africana Studies; and, then discuss the re-emergence of the Sahku Sheti (i.e., the illumination of the spirit) as illustrative of a critical feature and responsibility of Multi-cultural and Ethnic Studies discourse. "Social Justice in Ancient Egypt: Maatian Discourse in Contemporary Times" The governing purpose of this paper is to delineate and critically examine the ancient Egyptian conception of social justice, its rootedness in the concept of Maat and its relevance as a philosophic option for contemporary times. To do this, I will conduct a critical examination of the conceptual foundations and institutional apparatus which undergird and inform this ancient and engaging notion. These include Maatian: (1) moral anthropology; (2) political theology; (3) legal framework; and (4) socio-ethical standards as evidenced in the available relevant texts. The project is informed by three interlocking and mutually reinforcing interests: recovering ancient African discourse on social justice; advancing the multicultural initiative in the academy; and demonstrating the Maatian ethical tradition's conceptual capacity and usefulness as a philosophic option in addressing major issues of our times. "New African Culture: An Original Expression of Ancient African Culture" As an extension of Karenga's Kemetic theme, my input will involve a Cultural and Philosophical analysis of the Twa origin of civilization including their origination of the foundation of Kemetic and African Philosophy through the notion of Massouri and Maau, which means "good, right, to be good, well to be straight." I will also examine their origination of Democracy (consensus-based) their origination of the notion of "Vital Force," and other concepts. This examination of the foundation of African culture and philosophy provides the basis for an examination of New African Culture that rests upon an African cultural foundation.

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College of Ethnic Studies, San Francisco State University
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Wednesday October 7, 2009
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College of Ethnic Studies 40th Anniversary

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