Evolving Contemporary Relationships between Native Communities and Museums

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What are contemporary museums' roles and responsibilities in collecting and presenting the cultural patrimony of indigenous communities and in working with the native communities these collections represent? This panel presents past and current museum and exhibition models within the native community, such as American Indian Contemporary Arts, the C. N. Gorman Museum, and the Ohlone Museum at Indian Canyon. It examines current practices, goals, issues and obstacles in working with mainstream museums and institutions, and addresses specific concerns about how collections representing native peoples of the Americas are collected, conceptualized and presented. It examines areas of concern with the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park, and compares the implementation of NAGPRA at Stanford University and UC Berkeley. http://ethnicstudies.sfsu.edu

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College of Ethnic Studies
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College of Ethnic Studies San Francisco State University
Dr. Ken Monteiro, Dean of the College of Ethnic Studies San Francisco State University

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