The Gay Life - 7/5/1980

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Gay Freedom Day Speakers: Alan Robertson (California Human Rights Advocates), David Macias (Latin American Lesbian & Gay Coalition), Anne Kronenberg (San Francisco Public Utilities Commission), Willie Brown, Jr. (State Assembly), Barbara Cameron (Gay Native Americans), Gwenn Craig (Harvey Milk Gay Democratic Club), Harry Britt (Board of Supervisors), Robin Tyler (comic).

Created by
Randy Alfred
Randy Alfred subject files and sound recordings (1991-24), Series 2, GLBT Historical Society
San Francisco, GLBT Radio Shows
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender (GLBT) Historical Society, San Francisco CA. Copyright protected. Use of materials from this collection beyond the exceptions provided for in the Fair Use and Educational Use clauses of the U.S. Copyright Law may violate federal law. Permission to publish or reproduce is required.

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