1977 Gay Freedom Day Parade video

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Video of the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade. Groups and figures featured include Dykes on Bikes, Women's Contingent, Lesbian Rights, Sonoma County Gay Alliance, Gay Disabilities Rights, Third World Gay Caucus, Gay Teachers, Straights for Gay Rights, and others.


  • Women's Contingent
  • Gay Freedom Day Committee
  • "Human Rights Are Absolute" banner
  • Gay Freedom Day Banner
  • Young Lesbians, Self-Determined Youth
  • Dykes on Bikes
  • Women's Contingent
  • [L.A. Gay Teacher]
  • Lesbians for Wages for Housework
  • Lesbian Rights Alliance
  • Lesbian Mothers Support [Jean Juillion]
  • Women Against Violence and Pornography in the Media
  • East Bay Women
  • Marin Coalition for Human Rights
  • Kansas Gays
  • "Amazon Nation [illegible]"/"No More Power to White Male Supremacists, Straight or Gay"/"Lesbians Smash the State"
  • Sonoma County Gay Alliance ("Human Rights for All")
  • "No More Silence" (with pink triangle)
  • "Lesbians Organized"/anti-capitalists
  • people in wheelchairs
  • Gay Computer Programmer
  • "Wooster Ohio Gays Come Out": Stonewall Coalition
  • "Gay and ANGRY!"
  • anti-Dade County referendum contingent
  • Gay Solidarity with Native American Sovereignty
  • Berkeley Gay Men's Rap
  • HUAC
  • Bay Area Gay Liberation
  • Gay People's Union, UC Berkeley
  • Third World [Advocacy?]
  • Gay Latinos
  • GALA
  • Dyke/Faggots [illegible]
  • "Sissies Arise"
  • Gay Liberation through Socialist Revolution
  • gay teachers contingent
  • Men Against Sexist Violence
  • Ministers for Human Rights
  • Richard Heakin Memorial Butterfly Brigade of Gay Action
  • UC Gay Coalition
  • Gay People's Union at Stanford
  • Pacific Center Berkeley
  • [seniors' contingent?]
  • The Bisexual Center
  • Straights for Gay Rights
  • Studs United
  • San Francisco State Gay Academic Union
  • Social Services Union Local 535 SEIU AFL-CIO
  • Gay American Indians
  • Gay Health Workers
  • gay students, including Gay Law Student
  • gay parents/parents supporting children
  • Unitarian Gay Caucus
  • Sutro Bathhouse supports gay teachers
  • COIT
  • The Joy of Recycling
  • [Sylvester]
  • CSL Champs
  • Elephant Walk
  • Pendulum Pirates
  • Toad Hall
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Cape Cod
  • float says "Castro," includes a band
  • Iowa for Gay Rights
  • Mattachine Society float
  • Alfie's
  • Reno contingent
  • Libertarians
  • PT&T Employees
  • [Ramrod]
  • Cazadero
  • Keep Hongisto [Hongisto in car?]
  • Fickle Fox
  • KDHS 84 AM [Gay People's Radio?]
  • Universal Fellowship of [Metropolitan Community] Churches
  • something from San Jose
  • Jane Doe Empress XII
  • the Yacht Club 1977
  • Turk's Follies [illegible] Dancers
  • Elect Barry King Supervisor
  • Nob Hill Cinema  (Wakefield Pool, Take One)
  • Krisko Club
  • Star Light [illegible]
  • Ambush
  • TG SF
  • San Jose Gays
  • The Bold [illegible]
  • Oil Can Harry's Oilers/Oil Can Harry's
  • "My Family Supports Gay Rights"
  • Mr. B's
  • Chez Jacques
  • large contingent carrying "Save Our Human Rights" signs
  • Santa [illegible]
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender (GLBT) Historical Society, San Francisco CA. Copyright protected. Use of materials from this collection beyond the exceptions provided for in the Fair Use and Educational Use clauses of the U.S. Copyright Law may violate federal law. Permission to publish or reproduce is required.
Crawford Wayne Barton collection (1993-11), GLBT Historical Society
Format (physical)
Moving image
Created by
Barton, Crawford Wayne

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yes peter Adair, with tripod and movie camera, with a young Rob Epstein, no doubt filming for Word Is Out.

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06:34  Peter Adair, with tripod and movie camera, with a young Rob Epstein, no doubt filming for Word Is Out. 

10:32 Hank Wilson, holding "I Am a Good Teacher" sign, with other gay/lesbian teachers.  


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