1978 Gay Freedom Day Parade video

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Video of the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade. Groups and figures featured include Harvey Milk, Gay American Indians, Gay Disabilities Rights, Anita Bryant, Briggs Initiative, Gay Teachers, Gay Veterans, California NOW, and others.


  • Gay Vets
  • Gay American Indians
  • Bay Area Coalition Against the Briggs Amendment
  • Supervisor Harvey Milk
  • gay teachers
  • anti-Anita Bryant contingent ("Anita Bryant: Empress of the Bigots")
  • intersectional contingents -- against racism, for workers'/working class rights
  • "Separation of Church from State"
  • Women United to Defeat Briggs
  • Olivia Records
  • Deaf Gays of San Francisco
  • SEIU/Department Store Employees Union Local 1100
  • Gays for LSD
  • L.A. Gay Teachers
  •  L.A. Gay Students
  • Gay Vets
  • "Time Is Running Out
  • Ask Alice What You Can Do" [Alice B. Toklas Democratic Club?]
  • Friends of Alice
  • California NOW, Inc.
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender (GLBT) Historical Society, San Francisco CA. Copyright protected. Use of materials from this collection beyond the exceptions provided for in the Fair Use and Educational Use clauses of the U.S. Copyright Law may violate federal law. Permission to publish or reproduce is required.
Crawford Wayne Barton collection (1993-11), GLBT Historical Society
Format (physical)
Moving image
Created by
Barton, Crawford Wayne

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