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Mission District - Valencia Street

Valencia Street, from Market Street to 28th Street where it ends, is a flat street with a mix of commercial, industrial, and residential land uses, setting it apart from nearby streets that are mostly residential.  Nearby, to the east, is the main shopping area of Mission Street.  Mission Street is often seen as a heavy-duty commercial street, additionally including many big furniture stores, cinemas (in the past), and a strong Hispanic presence.

Valencia was the quieter, spillover street.  In the past, Valencia was characterized by automotive repair shops, auto parts stores, gas stations, and smaller scale shops, including storefront churches.  It also specialized in large funeral homes with their parking lots.  In the 1960s to 1980s, portions of Valencia had a number of female/lesbian bars, cafes, bookstores, and even a bathhouse. But nearly all of this is gone now, as the street has quickly evolved into a major destination for affluent young adults.  Scores of restaurants now line the street and new market-rate apartments have replaced the gas stations.

The slides in this collection used to reside within two sub-regions of the Mission:  MiN north of 20th Street and MiW south of it.  Thus the prefixes in the ID numbers read MiN-Valencia and MiW-Valencia.

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Displaying results 1-30 of 1078