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Castro Gardens Restaurant at 558 Castro Street. The Castro is east of Twin Peaks and, much of the year, is warm enough to sit outside during the day. In the 1990s, there were three patio dining restaurants on this block: Castro Gardens, Pacha Cafe, and The Patio across the the street. However, f wind and/or shade are present, one quickly discovers San Francisco is not Los Angeles.

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My brother John was waiter there in mid 1980s. He died of AIDS in 1988. He spoke fondly of his time there and in 2015 I visited the Castro with my mom and ran into two men who remembered him from his Castro Garden days. He was tall and lanky with thick auburn hair. His boyfriend was Randy and he is still dearly missed by us all. All these boys died far too soon due to awful HIV/AIDs.   Thank you for this memory. Are there more photos? I keep looking for Johnny... just see this one. 

Thank you for the memories of this little restaurant owned & run by a super nice gay couple (Keith & Lyle) and their family members.  The gardens and patio decks out back were beautiful.  The store-front had a mirrored entryway where passersby would check out their look and adjust themselves.  It only served breakfast and lunch back in the 90s, but it was a wonderful spot.  I used to work there.  The space was a gay bathhouse back in the 70s.

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