District Health Center #1 at 17th Street and Pond Street - 1994

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The first district health center opened in 1965 when the city expected the clientele to be predominantly Latino. This was a serendipitous location in light of the AIDS crises impacting the gay community in the Castro District the 1980s. In 1994, the clients were 75% HIV positive (not all were gay) and 35% were Spanish-speaking. Activities focus on HIV patients; it was the first place in the country to provide confidential testing for HIV. They also provided a social services coordinator and counselor serving HIV positive and gay clients. The center also provided blood drawing services for San Francisco General Hospital and follow up services for clients. The non-AIDS activities focused on teens, women's, and children's services.

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The first district health center in the Castro District of San Francisco opened in 1965. The city expected the clientele to be predominantly Latino, but the AIDS crisis in the 1980s led to a large influx of gay men seeking care. By 1994, 75% of the center's clients were HIV positive, and 35% were Spanish-speaking. Medical Supplies Online click this text for more

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The first district health center opened in 1965 in San Francisco's Castro district, which was then predominantly Latino. This center provided vital services to the area's residents, such as general medical care, mental health services, and HIV/AIDS counseling and treatment. In the 1980s, the AIDS crisis began to hit the gay community in the Castro District particularly hard, and the center became a critical resource for those affected. By 1994, the center's clients were 75% HIV positive and 35% Spanish-speaking. In response to the needs of the community, the center expanded its services to include hemp oil for weight loss and other treatments. This commitment to providing quality health services to the diverse population of the Castro District has been essential in helping the community remain healthy and vibrant.

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